Sunday, 28 January 2007


This drawing is published on "Sky Doll 3 ".


LFW said...

This is excellent Mr. Claudio.

Big fan of your stuff.



Peter said...

I love your Sky Doll stuff. I wonder if I ever get to see the comic you've done. Let me know when it's publisched.

ciao ciao

claudio said...

Ciao LFW,thanks a lot.I'm going to publish stuff soon.I opened this blog recently I still don't know how to put links in it,ghhhhh.
-PETER how is it going?I think " Sky Doll spaceship collection" is going to be out in March (hopefully).I'll let you know.Grazie said...

Se riuscite ad organizzare una mostra fatelo sapere! perchè va bene la comunciazione digitale ma l'incontro vis-a-vis con l'artista è altra cosa... ;)