Monday, 2 July 2007


Is available on youtube the intro I did a couple of days ago.I did all the drawings, wrote the text and the music of it.I want to thanks expecially ALESSANDRA CONGIU (voice),STEFANO FARCI(guitar),SIMONE ANTONINI(bass guitar),and PIERO TONIN for helping me with the editing.I enjoy plaing a part of guitar too.It's something that I loved to do just for fun during my spear time (24 hours a day, ah ah). You can see the video here


Anonymous said...

ma e fantastisco claudio!!! e la musica e pure vostra!!! SIETE GRANDISSIMI!!

Anonymous said...

Um...WOW!! You are a great artist!! I really enjoy the looseness and energy in your character sketches and layouts...and then BAMMO...You have to go and make unbelievable oil paintings as well...Great work here!!

Grant said...

Wow! Alot of fun! Makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

I can see the fun you'd doing this intro.
and the result is fun, funk and sexy

Claudio Acciari said...

Ciao Yaprak,sono di ritorno da Parigi.Hai visto la sigla?L'ho voluta fare in stile primi anni 80.Suonare con Alessandra,Stefano e Simone e' stato ancor piu' divertente,veramente piacevole...poi ti scrivo.

Craig,ciao,thanks and nice to meet you,I draw with looseness because I'm lazy ah ah (Joking but not completly).Actually,because my father is a painter I use to paint since I was young.I should paint more often but those photoshop or coreil-painter are traps.Ciao

Grant,THANKS,I'll write the translation of the liric in English...but sure,it was fun.

Ciao Yaxin,thanks also for the comment you left on you-tube channel.It was real fun.When I don't pretend to do anything special (I rarely do) I end up with something that satesfied me.By the way,more I see your stuff and more I feel I should draw much more.Ciao

Kristian said...

claudio the video blew me away. such a great nostalgic feel. the song fits perfectly.. now i want to see itas a tv series!

Claudio Acciari said...

Ciao Kristian, I just noticed today your comment THAnKS.
Yes, I did it with a nostalgic feeling as well, I love those japanese intros made during 70's.