Sunday, 12 August 2007


Just finish one page of my story "Rosalba".Up all night till the usuall.I need to sleep now,dam.....


Unknown said...

God you are good......look forward to see more of it...please post more!!!!!
Remember you when you were sharing room(studio) in Munich with Gabriele during the FISH film....


LFW said...

that is totally wicked mr claudio, rosebella looks like a real cutie :)


your fan


Anonymous said...

the fresh inspiration for the week.

Sanvi said...

Claudio, Claudio, Claudio...
Good, you are god...Rest the best you can and then, please, come here to post such a wonderful pages like this.

monkeyfeather said...

This looks fantastic! Look forward to seeing more.


Ciao ho da poco aperto un blog con su dei miei lavori......mi piacerebbe invitarti a guardare .

Bello il tuo blog.

Sedyas said...

I love love love love love the style.
O_O Fantastic page.

Ale said...

Claudio!! Eccoti!!
Io ogni tanto continuavo a guardare l' actarus blog.

Rosalba e' un fumetto tuo?
Sembra bellissimo.

Anche Il nudo e stupendo.

Sono contento di averti ri trovato,
Ci sentiamo presto

Claudio Acciari said...

Hi Teddy,thanks,thanks a lot,but how do you know I was working in Help I'm a fish?Did you step in Munich Animation Studios?Ciao,I'll post more soon.Thanks for visiting my blog.

LFW thank youuuu,I want her to look cutie but the real heroine is going to be the "bad witch".She knows what real love is.

Yaxin,I really get inspired from your stuff.Especially "the faun".

Sanvi you are too kind,ah ah.I'm working on this story day and night.I feel that I've something to say.Hope somebody will have a serious intention to publish it

Monkeyfeather, THANK YOU,I'll post more pages soon as I'm satisfied with them.

Morgot,caspita,oltre che bravissimo hai uno stile davvero originale.Spesso si vedono cose belle in rete ma poco coraggiose.Tu sei una vera eccezione.Sbircero' il tuo blog piu' spesso.

Sedyas, I'm glad you appreciate the style.It was something that let me afraid about.I know what a publisher want to see but I feel that this story of mine has to be drawn this way.Ciao

Ale,bentornato...hh...come nel commento che ti ho lasciato nel tuo blog.Vai a leggerlo senno' devo copiare et incollare...hh.

Unknown said...

Dear Claudio

Was working for Afilm(copenhagen) at that point as head of colourstyling so was in Munich every second week.
Was having dinners and lots of chats with Gabriele at that point about all the good old artist(Feininger and so on).
Hope we get to meet up sometime, and sure we will in this small comic/animation world.
LOVE your stuff...very very cool...


Claudio Acciari said...

Ciao Teddy,I guess at that time I was still in Italy in fact I came in Munich during the last part of the production of that movie.That was a time in wich I start to develop my personal ideas rather than to put all my effort into the studio-productions.I wish we could meet each other some day.Working at home keep me to far from artists.Ciao