Monday, 10 September 2007




wonderful watercolours! I love that!

Romain Ronzeau said...

These last 2 pages are just wonderful. I love that Mediterranean feel your village has, so full of atmosphere. God I love Italy ;-)

LFW said...

She looks so happy to see that little dude when he comes back. Rosalba is such a daaarling :)

cheers to you

your fan


Claudio Acciari said...

Ciao Antonio,I was looking for soft tonalities ( once the page is print you will not have surprises as you know)

Romain,thanks a lot,I realized that I should draw what I know.I grew up in Italy so that's what is familiar to me.I'm glad you love Italy...maybe because you don't live in Italy, ah ah ah.^_^ joking.Ciao

lwf the little dude is her father, she is happy because he get a new job.Her wife,the woman that is cooking, is disappointed because he asked a low payment for it.^_^

alberto mielgo said...

You are going to finish the whole book in less that a couple of hours!
All the panels are beautifull and All the pages with the panels are beautifull too. Great ideas and great compositions.
You know what you are doing.
my Admiration

Sedyas said...

You kill me.
Great storyteller in all the page (well, pages). Fantastic angle of camara in 3th panel and incredible ilumination in the 4th.

Viva Claudio!

Anonymous said...

your inked line seems to have his own live.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous as always...


Fabio D'Auria said...

Bellissimi lavori!
Scusa la domanda... Colori a mano o in Photoshop?

Claudio Acciari said...

Sedyes, grazie,next time I will enclose also the baloons.Now I must stop the story for a while.It's something that I enjoy doing it but I should wait a positive answer for some editor before to carry on.

Yaxin,you have no idea which tricks I have to use trying to appear fresh.If I would be good like you I shouldn't use so much the printer machine and to work on the top of almost every drawing.Thanks photoshop.

Ciao Fabio,scusami per la risposta tardiva, ho provato a lasciarti un messaggio nel tuo blog ma devo aver combinato dei casini perche' oggi ho visto che non e' comparso nulla.Il tuo lavoro lo trovo bellissimo,e in aggiunta ti muovi sul terreno del realistico!Io e' meglio che manco ci provo.Se ne vedono tanti in internet ma della tua foggia davvero pochi.Ci sentiamo.

Thierry Martin said...

superbe, très expressif et personnel.