Tuesday, 15 April 2008



Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

super super cool......What are they for?Pure own pleasure or what?


Jon McNally said...

Swift! Stupendous!

Dani said...

The last two posts are really great Claudio! Love the colour, love how you draw!

Joe Karg said...

Hey Claudio,
Super images. They are such a mix of like a million cool things. I'm with Teddy though, are these for a collection of some kind?


monkeyfeather said...

Truly fantastic!!!

Uncle Phil said...

wow! this whole series is great! I want to own a huge painting of this one.

Claudio Acciari said...

Ciao Teddy, THANK YOU ^_^ it's pure own pleasure. I'm rarely satisfied of what I do when it comes from a commission. In a way I can say I really work when...I've no work.

Jon, thanks.

Dani THANK YOU.I'm getting closer to a style in which I can express ideas I can't express with another style.I get interested more and more in Expressionists. Especially Chagall.

Ciao dear Joe, those are just experiments. I feel more like been a researcher instead of been an "artist". I try to mix details that comes from different styles with a little coherence (for what I can do).

Ciao Monkeyfeather THAK YOU! Now I feel to be in the 60's. I think I'm going to make a lot of researches around this style.

Ciao Uncle Phil, how are you doing? THANK YOU, glad you like those things of mine. 60's are really evergreen.