Wednesday, 20 August 2008

character design


Guillermo P. Mogorrón said...

it's alive!

Joe Karg said...

That is one weird panda brother. I like it :)


Monkeyfeather said...

Fantastic. Very appealing design combined with nice posing.

Anonymous said...

learne me.


mylydy said...

yeaah!!! excellent!!! I just love !

Régis said...

Claudio! These are a lot of fun! I also noticed that you posted some oekaki on Yoshida Kenichi's board. I've been visiting his site for years! I didn't know you posted there as well. Do you know Japanese?

Anyway, great stuff as always.


Will Finn said...

marvelous! your characters are amazing!

juliabax said...

Lovely backgrounds Claudio.

Rui Sousa said...

Great work, really nice, fantastic! congratulations!

I invite you to see my work at:

damien said...

bear necessities :)

lorelay bove said...

these are great!

OV! said...

what in the world do they put in your water??

too good.


MATO said...

Mi piacciono molto i tuoi lavori....i background sono FAVOLOSI!!!Bravissimo

TURCIOS. said...


Ilaria Catalani said...

Grazie per il link nel blog *.*!!

Sy~ said...

Salve Claudio!
Volevo complimentarmi con te per tavole ed illustrazioni che hai dedicato a SkyDoll; sul blog di Canepa ho visto due disegni in anteprima del nuovo albo e sono bellissimi! Adoro quella tua scelta grafica in stile foto annebbiata *.*

sergio kechu said...

great style man!!
very original I like it very much!!
I link you in my favourites

Pagas said...

Fantastic feeling
Great stylish character



TURCIOS. said...

maestro claudio. me encantan estos osos y toda tu obra. un abrazo


increible,me encanta el oso y sus poses muy suelto y fresco

Touchskies said...

ciao, che belli questi orsi.
a presto.

Romain Ronzeau said...

So lively! You're too good.

Claudio Acciari said...

Ciao Guillermo, che passa? GRAZIE 10000.People use to compare a bear to somebody that doesn't like to do a thing...I like to do nothing.I wish I could reborn in a bear.

Dear Joe, sometimes I need to worm up with some Hanna & Barbera retro design.Those stuff were great.

Ciao Monkey,THANKS! I was afraid I did some really obvious stuff. Recently there are so many bears around.Maybe this one is the most insignificant, ahahaha.

Ciao POUCH,MERCI!!! But I guess you don't need to teach from anybody ^_^


Ciao Regis!^_^, the artistic expressions of Kenichi Yoshida are so far...he is really paralizing.I was embarassed while I was making an oekaki in his blog.For me he is some of those I look up to.
Unfortunately I do not know Japanese, but I want (and I like) to learn it little by little.

Hi Will, THANK YOU! I realized it's tough to draw a bear with a brand new design.I felt in old stylist solutions.anyway, better than nothing, ahahaha

Ciao Julia, GRAZIE! I love your stuff ^_^

Ciao Rui, thank you! Lovely stuff in your blog. ^_^

Ciao Lorelay, THANK YOU ^_^, how are you doing? I super-love the girls you did on those small square plates!

Ciao Ovi, you like those bears?
You are a master

Grazie Mato, e' la prima volta che mi cimento nei backgrounds...vabbe', e' 'na vita che disegno, ci manca solo che non so fare 4 backgrounds.

Ciao maestro TURCIO, GRAZIE 1000. Che passa? Stai lavorando tanto?

Ilaria,se non c'era posto tra i link avrei fatto alzare qualcuno.^_^

Ciao Silvia, GRAZIE! Ricordo ancora il giorno in cui Alessandro Barbucci mi fece vedere i primi schizzi di quella che poi sarebbe diventata Noa, e ho pensato:"ma guarda com'e' preciso! Chennervi".Poi nella via del ritorno a casa ho pensato tra me e me: "ma a me d'essere preciso che cazzo me ne frega!"...e lo sai che mi sono dimenticato del perche' t'ho scritto questa cosa!Vabbe' scusa.

Ciao Sergio GRAZIE MILLE!!!

TURCIOS...10 abbracci

THANKS Pagas.Enchanted by your work °_°

Ciao Javier,^_^ GRAZIE 1000 ^_^ ho fatti due settimane fa ORSOno

Ciao Romain, MERCI!!!I'm super glad you like those bears.^_^