Saturday, 22 November 2008



Joe Karg said...

Damn Claudio!!! AWESOME DUDE!!! I'm going to go get some sushi:)


il decu said...

Sei troppo avanti!

ANTONIO said...

Fantastic desing Claudio. Remind me pop-art stile. Bravo!

Pedro Daniel said...

Very simple, i like it! :D

jesse said...

I love sushi too!
Very cool blog you have here, love your sequentials from your other blog as well.


lorelay bove said...

lovely colors!

Claudio Acciari said...

Ciao Joe, GRAZIE! Every time I go to a japanese restaurant I have to show off with the chop sticks...and I end up with sinews ache...dam

Ciao Davide, come ti butta? GRAZIE! Mi sa che sono dietro un giro e quindi sembro avanti.

Ciao Antonio, che passa? I'm glad you like it, I tried to make it simplest possible.

Ciao Pedro, GRAZIE!Yes, the intention was to make a synthesis of sushi also because sushi is already a stylized food itself.

Thanks Lorelay,now I realize that the palettes I used looks similar to the ones you use for your last illustration "the gossip", isn't it?