Sunday, 19 April 2009



pasto said...

I love your style, loose and so elegant.

kevin said...


ANTONIO said...

Wow claudio, how can you do that?! :D

Jens said...

wow, super incredible work here, especially those acrylic pages! i'll be sure to check back

wako said...

your work is absolutely stunning !!!

joysuke said...

it's cool i am drowning there XD

Nomad Gallery said...

Man these posts are amazing!!! Rock on Claudio!!!

Claudio Acciari said...

Ciao Pasto, THANKS! I'm attracted by elegant figures more than powerful ones, that's why maybe I don't like superheroes.

Ciao Kevin, THANK YOU, I'll post more space-sketches in the near future

Ciao Antonio, GRAZIE! Do you really like this sketch? I'm going to do several space subjects, I feel I've more to say.

Ciao Jens, THANK YOU, you have great work in your blog.

Ciao Wako, THANK YOU and nice to meet you

Ciao Joysuke ^_^

Ciao Craig, SUPER THANKS also for the fabulous oekaki you left me!