Sunday, 26 July 2009



vitalik shu said...

When I have found for the first time your blog - simplicity and elegance of your works have simply blow my mind. I adore your blog and each time with impatience I wait for new posts!!!!!

Evan Bonifacio said...

Just so simple and lovely :)

Will Finn said...

That is an amazing render of the moon! graphic yet very 3-dimensional. you are a magician!

chromasketch said...

another simple one?

I'm finding that keeping an image simple is often more difficult.

keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Now that the great Yoshinori Kanada has passed, I keep returning to your work to see how many people he's influenced all over the world. Thanks for keeping that 1970's anime feeling going in your art as well!

Claudio Acciari said...

Shushko ARIGATO! I'm trying to keep things simple because I'm lazy so less afford I put ...the better ahah.Ciao and thanks again

Evan, THANK YOU! I start to believe I'm trying to keep things simple because I need new glasses, ^_^ well it could be.After all details distract most of the time unless they really add something important.

Ciao Will, THANK YOU!I'm trying to find for each subject its own synthesis, as every subject deserve a particular suit. It's an interesting research where a graphical vision can only help I guess

B THANK YOU, To keep things simple give me an opportunity to hide my incompetence about details ahah, I could never draw realistic stuff, I don't have that kind of knowledge.

Regis, THANK YOU SO MUCH, Yoshinori was my prefer artist I would say.I grew up watching japanese TV serial in which Yoshinori sure put his hands on. I remember I read that during a production of Zambot 3 (if I remember well, or maybe it was Gundam) the producer said "there are some drunk animator in the studio recently?".He was too far and innovative to be understood by idiots like those.