Monday, 10 May 2010

- The Girl and the Bear - 5


locuriatoons said...

como anda todo claudio,me alegro volver a ver las cosas de trus trabajos ,la verdad,que te pasas con todo lo que haces,los storys,diseños y ilustraciones,sos una maquina amigo!chau,un abrazo!

ZM said...

This is my favorite picture so far! Expression on the bears face is brilliant. I like how his emotions are mixed.
Claudio, I wanted to ask you one unrelated question: what kind of music do you like? Does it have some impact on your working process? Do you listen to something while you work? I got interested in it because I know you make music yourself. Thanks.
P.S. Excuse me if my English is weak. I know it is.

HEN said...


Claudio Acciari said...

Locuriatoons, GRAZIE 1000,faccio questi lavori nel tempo libero, da quando ho il blog mi sento libero e contento di condividere quello che mi piace fare. Ciao

ZM,I don't have enough knowledge to judge your English, first impression is that is better than mine ahah.
The combination of these two emotions is an abstraction of a real feeling that I often have, I'm happy you pointed that.It is a mix of empathy for somebody who suffer and the anger for who create suffering.
I grew up listening what was normal to listen during the late 70's, rock. I start to study the first cords listening Bob Dylan ( his songs were easy to play ^_^), than I get mad for Deep Purple, I had to have electric guitar, than Pat Metheny, than Bruce springsteen, than Every Little Thing a japanese band I'm actually mad for, one opening of the anime Inuyasha is callad "Grip", that is one of their song.And Kaori Mochida the singer is really pretty!


Pane said...

I love it, la selezione dei colori e' densa e azzeccatissima, Non capisco la tecnica, cosa che mi piacerebbe sapere, e' matita colorata poi su computer?