Wednesday, 29 December 2010

持田 香織 - Mochida Kaori


Darrell said...

I dig!

chromasketch said...

that paper has some neat texture on it

Unknown said...

Wonderful character drawings!

Unknown said...

Beautiful Sketches Claudio! :D
Merry Christmas!

ZM said...

Hi Claudio and Happy New Year! :)
Awesome sketch but i always wondered why people love J-pop so much...What is most appealing in it - dancing girls, their sexy cuteness or the music itself? Excuse me, i am just a fan of crazy music like Pere Ubu who doesn`t get this.

And yes, there is (unfortunately) nothing on my blog by now, but it (obviously) doesnt mean i am NOT an artist... I have a commercial portfolio (game design industry) but i keep most of my 'creative' artwork to myself lately - don`t ask, it is a long story.

vitalik shu said...

Love these drawings!!!!Happy New Year Claudio (^_^)

Claudio Acciari said...

Ciao Darrel, THANKS! Sometimes I feel I need to do more of these exercises

Brian, I just used a normal copy paper but I put it on top of a cover of an old book that was made by cloth or something like that

THANK YOU Alina! Just some exercises to keep in mind human proportions

Ciao Pedro, THANK YOU!

ZM THANK YOU! The funny thing is that I don't like pop that much but I love really a few of japanese bands.I started listening these song after watching some anime, for example Kaori Mochida performed in one of the intro of Inujasha and she sang "Grip", it has a lot of power, I love it (but I don't really like the anime).

Ciao Vitalik, THANKS as always