Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Girl and the Bear


Sukh said...

Truly wonderful, Claudio.

Hobo Divine said...

I love "The Girl and the Bear" sequence/stills that you are doing. Beautiful palettes and there is definitely a tender exchange between the two characters, bitter-sweet somehow.
Thank you for sharing.

gg said...

bellicolori che usi..ricordano un pò i vecchi cartoon ..

Jmontiel said...


vitalikshu said...

Oh! im fan of "The Girl and the Bear"
^_^ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Claudio Acciari said...

Thank you shoki,I must say I'm more satisfied with this illustration than the previous one

Thanks Hobo, on this series I get inspired by the work of Mary Blair, she is evergreen

Ciao gg, GRAZIE! Si, mi piacciono ancore i cartoon fatti fino ai primi anni 80, qui ho preso spunto dagli short fatti negli anni 50, c'era un modo di combinare i colori piu' poetico, ne sono tuttora molto attratto

Jmontiel, THANK YOU! Glad you like it

Thanks Vitalik! When I want to draw in peace I end up drawing the Girl and the Bear, don't know why...^_^