Monday, 2 January 2012

Far West


Anonymous said...

Brilliant sketches!!! :) I wonder what kind of movies you prefer to watch on holidays...
I agree with everything you said about animation industry. The bad thing is, you can`t always choose where to work! You can always choose what to watch, but not that. Myself I have very radical ideas about art, but I understand that real art and commercial art are two different things. If you ask me, if I like these games in a 'quality entertainment' sense of word - yes. But if you ask me what I like in 'ART' sense of word... In this kind of word, only one animated movie ever came close - "The Country Doctor" by Koji Yamamura... I am not sure that everything Miyazaki does is art. Or, rather, I am not sure that everything in his films is art. I am not sure that anime is art, if you ask me. Do I believe that animation can be art? Yes. But I haven`t seen many examples of it being art, to be honest. Old Disney had great designs, but not story, never. The best I saw was just commercial anime with a soul (such thing exists, really.)In other words, sometimes entertainment doesn`t contradict with quality. But, for me, 'quailty', 'soul' is not enough for calling it 'art'. Art, for me, is something more, or a lot more.

I hope my comment wasnt very boring...Excuse me for such a lengthy reply!

Happy 2012!


Claudio Acciari said...

ZM,why do you apologize, that's funny (^_^)...
I don't think it's possible to say this is art and this is not since there is not a clear line to divide the "two" things, I'm very focused on what it's spontaneous and honest rather than something that HAS to be something new and cool.
After all I chosed to draw because I enjoyed doing it and because I could share what I did with somebody else intersted in it, no metter if simple viewers or artists.
I suppose you can feel free and creative even develloping an episode of Doraemon and be trapped in yourself doing "a piece of art".
Unfortunately it became a stereotype the idea that a piece of art has to focus on serious topics, introspective problems, existential conditions, politics and kind of things, and many artists pretend to be real artist despite the "workers" just because they chosed those topics, that devided in a dangerous way a personal way to see any subject to the mainstream productions.
I love the old japanese series because there was a soft balance between authoriality and mass distribution, that was a lucky time for us viewers.
After that period managers started to talk like artists and many artists started to think like managers, to me that was the real end.

ZM said...

I got the impression that everyone always apologizes for lengthiness when talking online. :/ I am glad that I shouldnt. But it was merely a sign of politeness (That means I am not serious). For me, there is commercial art in both fields of 'popular art' (say 'entertainment') and 'real art'. Everyone knows some 'contemporary artists' who make tons of money out of...nothing, or rather a cheap show. But that doesn`t mean that all modern artists are the same. That applies to popular culture too, I think. For me, 'Doraemon' is a good commercial show with 'soul'. There are millions that have no 'soul'. But, still, art (for me) is something greater. Even festival animation shorts rarely match that description... Still, watch "The Country Doctor". It is wonderful and it is based on Kafka.


Alessandro Toccaceli said...


Claudio Acciari said...

ZM, yes I'm agree, and I suppose I'm attracted by popular things with soul, that's why I like dramas on top of all, I think drama is my genere.
But if I had to mention some of my prefear movies they are not "Dolls" by Takeshi Kitano or "Play time" by Jaque Tati just to meke some titles.
I 'll see "The country Doctor" ^_^

Ale ti ringrazio.

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