Sunday, 26 February 2012



Larry MacDougall said...

Nice !

erwannbrun said...

I am very impressed by your way of drawing. I am not talking about only these studies, but your entire work. A kind of simplicity (which cant ever be out of fashion, or it would be a problem for fashion itself) that inspire me a lot.
It is not just a trick, even it is very pleasant. It means a choice and the ability with few strikes to tell the essential in a very pesonnal way.
It's what i'm searching in art and drawing.
Yours save my days, even the good ones :)
Hope you'll keep on posting on your blog.
(and sorry for my poor english)

vitalik shu said...

This is amazing!!!!

Unknown said...

Una sintesi strepitosa!


Grande Claudio!

Claudio Acciari said...

Thank you Larry,thanks.

Erwannbrun, thanks for your kind words, I always searching for the optimal synthesis because it's synonym
of quality...or maybe because I'm too lazy ahah, anyway I'm getting interested more and more in style combinations trying to keep coherence.

Dear Vitalik, thank you! I start to love oil pastels.

Grazie Federico, in effetti i pastelli ad olio ti costringono a pensare semplice, mi piacciono.

Grazie Antonio, grazie mille!