Friday, 21 December 2012

Omedetou Gozaimasu

Today is the 6th  anniversary of my blog ( ^_^ ) , I want to thanks everybody that supported me leaving super kind comments and those who silently just followed my upcoming posting, some of you even reposted my stuff on other web platforms, thank you.
This is the first drawing I posted back in 2006


Sauro Quaglia said...

Tanti Auguri di Buoni Feste e grazie per la continua ispirazione :)

Claudio Acciari said...

Grazie a te Sauro, ti auguro un 2013 degno di Daivalus :)

Roberto Zaghi said...

Bellissimo!!! Ciao Claudio!

Claudio Acciari said...

Grazie Rob, e Buon Anno!
Avrei voluto postare roba nuova ma ne sono sprovvisto, forse in questi giorni riusciro' a mettermi in moto, spero.

Romain said...

Congrats ! :)
No wonder people keep coming back here. It's always as inspiring, same old school feeling.
I love the "Jack" serie.
Hope you'll keep going for another 6 years (and more) :)

Claudio Acciari said...

Thank you Romain! I really believe this blog kept me artistichal alieve especially considering the nice feed back I received from many viewers like you.
Ciao and take care.