Thursday, 31 July 2014

Natives (1998)


Anonymous said...

Excelente como siempre!

Claudio Acciari said...

grazie mille! I hope to be able to post more recent stuff soon

Emmanuel Briand said...

I got maybe some mentors. Claudio I'm glad when I see you're one of what people calls mentor my friend.

good soul.

bye I don't take the time to speak with you often, but you already know I hope my trust in your drawings and my sincerity about them .
I see many people , many artists and art and sometimes feeling alone with my way to draw life and characters by my imagination, and my mind and soul I hope, they deserve a little life on a paper. You're trully one of the best in this last century. Claudio , take this as a tribute to your art, you are something Mr Acciari. And I hope I'll get the courage to go to Milano during the next year. I'll take my sketchblock , water color pen and a thermos of coffee. Bye i'll give you a drawing next week by mail if I forget tell me "my drawing " I am busy but not enough to forget claudio. give me a quick word if I forget anyway. I know we're not friends but for me it's the same thing , your drawings prove I am talking in vain. And if we're not too and two dumb I hope we could work on a short small book together. Me I quite like drawing elephants for a children book for exemple. we will talk about it when we 'll take the time.

Bye my friend and with my sincere devotion


Emmanuel Briand said...

(...) your drawings prove I am "not" talking in vain" , sorry I'm just awaked from a good lunch yesterday evening with friends and good bottle of redwine from bourgogne from France. So I'm translating my french in english and miss some of my grammar when I'm literally translate it in english.

I give you news next week. Have a good week

And I'm sincere for this story of the book we could do together. Trully sincere

Claudio Acciari said...

Dear Emmanuel,you made my day, really.
I'm really glad someone.... and especially an artist of your (artistical) stature, can find an interest in what I do, this is the best motivation I can get and carrying on my path, I believe every sincere artist MUST be alone in his/her artistic jurney, I'm convinced about that.
I also believe you are overestimating me (^_^) but it's always pleasuring to heard the wards you used so....I'll treasure them!
If you will have a chance to come to Italy please let me know I'll warm up my pencils and markers and we can take as many coffe as you like ahahah.
About the book you, whenever you want, it'll be a real pleasure to be part of it, you know, right now I'm finishing my comic project Meka Chan (140 pages) after that I'll be free to be back to some colored stuff so...thanks for inviting me.
I'll have a glass of wine too, ciao