Sunday, 25 January 2015



Seth McGhee said...

I tried to contact you by email, but it didn't work. So i'm posting a comment here.

Hello Claudio, i love your work, your a very inspirational artist for me. I was curious, what do you use to make your art. Program, watercolor, brushes etc.


Claudio Acciari said...

Hi Seth, recently I've some problem with my mail account, infact I didn't received your mail, I'll fix this problem sooner possible.
Thanks for your comment, I'm glad my work can be inspiring time to time for someone....about the's a mix of traditional and digital, I don't have a specific metod, I change all the time.
These bears are made with a black marker on paper then I color them with photoshop 7 using a brush of default (charcoal I suppose).
Even when I work digitally I follow the traditional thinking - the lighter tone first and the darker on top. I also scan some texture made with achrylics and then working on top with my mac.
Sometimes I print a digital file, I scan it and I post on my blog the scan version because it's more natural than a digital file anyway.
In general I consider the traditional look as something to achieve, I still get inspired by artists from the past.
Recently I'm trying to work more and more on paper, I hope one day to work only with brushes and pencil ^_^