Saturday, 28 February 2015

Cowboys (1997)

This is a selection of some cowboys I did long ago (1997), they are quite special to me.
I'll tell you an anecdote. At the beginning of the production of  "The Road to Eldorado" I hung them on the wall of the bellows of my desk, I was (and still I am) quite proud of these doodles.
I remember how much I struggled (as an animator) on my first scene of Tulio (one of the characters of the movie) before I could get ready to show it to one of the directors, Will Finn , for approval.
Now... the old  DreamWorks animation department in some parts of it was set as an open-space, my desk was placed close to the "approvals area".
"That" day I was wasting time bothering colleagues, when I got back at my desk Tom Owens told me: " hey Claudio, just a few minutes ago Will Finn saw your cowboys and he liked them very much", I thought...WOW.... to be valued by the guy who animated Iago in Aladdin sounded surreal to me, with that news Tom made my day, thanks Tom.
One year later when I left the Studio I gave the originals to Will, it's a great, great pleasure  hearing news from him time to time.
Thinking about that era I've the feeling I could put in my production work just a tiny part of what I could really do (for several reasons) but sure I feel lucky for have been able to  interact with such incredibly talented artists.


vitalik shu said...

Wow! good story ) and amazing cowboys ! )))

Claudio Acciari said...

Thank you Vitalik! ))) Yes, it was the time animation was mainly on paper....