Friday, 14 December 2007


This is close to be a definitive for my comic " Rosalba ". Two panels are missed and even the order of them into the page will be different.


Dani said...

Ciao Claudio,
These are "proprio bellissimi"!
When is Rosalba coming to the States?

And thanks so much for the link!

Claudio Acciari said...

^_^ Dani I hope somebody will invest on it.I tried in France but I thought it would be easier.I already publish there but this project maybe is to inner.Many editors liked the drawings but not the story.I'll finish it anyway because I'm satisfied with it.Ciao

monkeyfeather said...

WOW! I really hope to se this published. IT looks GORGEOUS. The colour is stunning, and the drawings are loose, confident, and just ooze appeal.

Joe Karg said...

It will get published in the states if I have to prostitute my own sister to raise the money:)

Lovely page Claudio.

Will Finn said...

this is really unique and beautiful, both the art and the character design. Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

Wow! Muy bonito!!!:D

Unknown said...

F... how are a master...
Happy christmas to you Claudio.


Anonymous said...

wonder pictures before Xmas...

Anonymous said...

che belle vignette Claudio! e i colori sono stupendi!! e il 'texture' pure!
quasi quasi ti sponsoriso io :P peccato che sia povera.


Andrea Blasich said...

Ciao Claudio,
Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo!
Spero di sentirti presto!
Sei andato al concerto del Boss?
Io sono andato....che dire ..incredibile!!!!



ps fatti sentire!

Claudio Acciari said...

Monkey thank you, I'm satisfied with this page even if the final version will have two more panels.Also the colors will be a bit different, more bluish.Ciao

Dear JOE, thanks for your contribute but I already asked to my sister the same favor.It's useless, publishers have no hart.Ciao

Ciao WILL, Thank you!!!!Recently I saw some stuff of Yuri Nordstein, I must say I get influenced a lot.I may sound nostalgic but when I look at the old cartoons it's hard to find something bad.Ciao


Happy holidays to you KRISTIAN and THANKS!!!!^_^

Ciao MANUEL, how are your holidays? I see you are back in your blog ^_^

Ciao Yaprak!!! come vanno le feste di Natale? Grazie per i complimenti, sai, oltre a Yuri Norstein mi sono sfogliato Galaxy 999 eCapitan Harloch.Si vede?

Andrea,Ciao ciglione! Come buttano le feste? Io il Boss non l'ho visto,non c'erano piu' biglietti.Poi la sera del concerto mi telefona una mia amica e mi dice che ne ha uno gratis che mi puo' dare, ma io da solo ai concerti non ci vado.O con gli amici o ciccia.Ciao e salutami tutti.

pussman and co said...

Happy New year!

Anonymous said...

Cette planche est superbe !
J'adore l'ambiance et les couleurs.... bravo !