Sunday, 9 December 2007

to my dog Bruce


Dani said...

Nice and cold!
I'm a big fan of your work Claudio!!!

Joe Karg said...

Really nice Claudio. I love the impressionistic quality you can achieve on the computer with such a clean and precise finish. I would love to see a comic book done in this fashion.


LFW said...

I hope your dog is alright mr. claudio, and did not pass away (making this a tribute image) if he did, then just from this drawing he seemed like a good kind of dog indeed.

cheers to you

your fan


Valentina said...

Ciao Claudio, che bei lavori! :)


Will Finn said...

Claudio--this is a beautiful image. Simple and full of life.

Roberto Zaghi said...

Splendido! freddo ed intimo al tempo stesso.

claudio acciari said...

Ciao Dani THANK YOU,big fan of you as well.I was really paralyzed watching the weathercolour you did, the one with the laundry.And all the poses in small size...well I love everything!

Ciao Joe!THANKS! I wish I could work on it, but if I have problems to find a publisher for "Rosalba" I cannot imagine which kind of answer I would receive showing something made with pixels ah ah.Maybe I should find a job to be able to do this job.

LWF,Ciao, and thanks for what you wrote.My dog passed away because he had a cancer into his stomach so I decided to do the lethal injection (to him).No more pain.He was 10 years old, and he could open every door by his own.I called him Bruce like ...Springsteen eh eh.

Ciao Valentina,GRAZIE, bellissimo il tuo blog.Non credevo ci fosse cosi' tanta gente al mondo che disegnasse! Questi blog sono stati una rivelazione.

Hi Will THANK YOU! Two years ago, here in Milano we had a huge snowfall.My dog was totally confused because he couldn't find any tracks.I had to portrait that moment.

Ciao Roberto grazie mille!La neve m'e' sempre piaciuta, soprattutto di notte che rende tutto piu' silenzioso.Il freddo lo odio ma la neve la trovo confortante.Trovo bellissimi i lavori nel tuo blog, anche a te capita di fare disegni malinconici o sbaglio.Ciao

Dominic Bugatto said...

Lovely piece indeed.

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