Sunday, 8 May 2011

Meka Chan


Ian MacDonald said...

Gah so awesome dude. Love the scale and the composition of this. MORE! haha

vitalikshu said...

I love the way this fantastic animal made ​​himself at home in the city !)))))
By the way, I recently bought a book Skaydoll and your part has made a huge impression! Simply amazing, thank you for your art Claudio! )))

lorelay bove said...

I love the color palette! feels so nice and warm!

Mirella said...

bellissimi, i tuoi lavori sono meravigliori^_^

Claudio Acciari said...

Ciao Ian, THANK YOU! some other warm stuff is coming, here we go , ahah

Vitalik, a SUPER THANKS TO YOU! I'm really glad you like what I did in that volume even if it's really old stuff. It was professionally my first comic I would do differently for sure.
Vitalik if you write to me at I'll send you a subject of mine already published here in Italy, if you want.

Ciao Lorelay, THANK YOU! I'm doing those sketches for a new subject of mine and I want to make sure to give a warm atmosphere...maybe because the summer is coming ^_^

Claudio Acciari said...

Ciao Ian, THANK YOU! Yesterday I posted another illustration but I guess had internal problems. I hope now everything is fixed

Vitalik, THANK YOU REALLY A LOT! What I did on that volume is so old, I get imbarrassed whatching it again ahah, if you want I send you some fresh stuff I did last year for an italian publication, just write me at if you want.

Ciao Lorelay, THANK YOU1 Your comments are always super motivating me.

Ciao Mirella, GRAZIE 1000! Da quando ci sono a disposizione i blogs e' piu' bello condividere i propri lavori (senza filtri). I tuoi disegni sono bellissimi.

vitalik shu said...

Ciao Claudio! Thank you for you offer!!! )))) sadly- you email is not correct or something (
my email ^___^