Friday, 13 May 2011

Meka Chan


Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful, Claudio! So athmospheric! This is not a drawing but a materialized dream. I love all your drawings about Meka-chan. Please, tell us a little more about her as a character! I see big potential in her. :) If only someone (preferably, you, of course :)) made a game or a movie with such athomespheric scenery. What do you think about making a game? With your drawings it would be visually the best game in the world.
Such taste!

By the way, I tried to leave a drawing on your oekaki borad, but got an version of Java happened to be incompatible with oekaki!

ZM said...

Eh, of course i wanted to say "board" not "borad"...hehehe

You are awesome!

joysuke said...


kathryn durst said...

fantastic stuff! love it all :)

Ehsan HG said...

i love this composition

Claudio Acciari said...

Dear ZM, THANK YOU! I start from the end....I often have problems with my oekaki board too, for example I cannot leave comments beside the drawings somebody does, that's why I often make an oekaki to be able to write a message.
Meka Chan a game? I'm afraid I'm the wrong person because the only games I played are Pacman, Space Invaders and Meteors (atari) back in 1985, and I never been good in all of them ahahaha!
I'm one of the worse players of games on this planet, really.
Meka Chan was born as an original-fake, as an intro of a cartoon that never existed, the idea was to show some images in a way every viewer could build in his/her mind a cartoon as he/she would prefear to imagine it.
In that way the "experiment" totally successed.
Now I'm assembling a story for a possible comic story. What I just posted are images part of a preliminary subject.
Ciao ZM, thanks again for your stimolating questions

Ciao Joysuke, it's a joy to see you(r) avatar here again ^_^

Kathryn, THANK YOU! I'm a huge fan of your work since long time.

Ehsan, THANK YOU! Really kind of you!

CárcamO said...

que luz maravilhosa.belo e delicado trabalho

Claudio Acciari said...

Grazie Carcamo! Grazie 1000.
Questo e' una strada vicina a casa mia, una sera ho visto un tramonto simile a questo...cosi' l'ho dipinto.
Ciao e grazie ancora!