Monday, 12 December 2011

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ZM said...

Dear Mr. Acciari, your last response was very sweet. :) Unfortunately my english is in bad shape lately due to lack of practice...Will you excuse me? :) (And also i post being logged out...It looks weird, I know -_-*)

I am very glad to hear about your influences as experienced animator. It is interesting to read your theories about modern animation and how everything has changed since then. Do you have any ideas about what kind of future awaits popular animation? And what are perspectives for people like you, who want to do something unusual in this industry?
I`d be very glad to hear your opinions!

P.S. Talking about animation in games, the only interesting studio i can think of is Level 5. ( They made Ni no kuni - the game based on Studio Ghibli story. It looks pretty impressive in terms of design:
They also made Professor Layton games that have nice retro feel to them. What do you think of it?

Sorry for a long comment!


Janine Chang said...

LOVE your stuff!

wheatgerm said...

tahts awesome

Claudio Acciari said...

ZM,I use to ask to myself the same questions about "popular animation",recently I'm not interested anymore in it for the reason that I dislike most of the "new" stuff produced since late 80's.
Every product is a kind of Frankestein made to hiper-stimulate sensorial parts of viewers, it reminds me more like a research laboratory where is used to play with mice.
Let's get it me, art and profit are placed on opposite direction,but don't misunderstand me, artists should get paid always well and in time, that's for sure, what I mean is.... does it make sense to consider a movie "great" just because it makes a huge ammount of money? Is "the smurfs movie" a great movie? I don't know because I didn't see it, I saw the poster and the trailer (because I HAD TO before to enter in my mail box) and I was not attracted at all, but why should I see something before to judge it? Do you have to marry somebody before to say "he is not my type"?
A friend of mine said that if you go in some megastore you get a discount just taking some Smurfs stikers. Is it fair? I would call it "taste corruption" ahahaha.
How do I fit with this industry? I fit if I take every job as a sterile commission, I can not put my true passion in it, that can happen just on this blog (^_^)
I can give my best only if I have the last word on my be more precise for me it's important just what I want to do, I don't want to negotiate my taste.
The games you linked me are very tasty, still...I prefear to see Miyazaki on TV and Pacman in a games-room ^_^

Ciao Janine, thank you, I wish I could have more time to develop my comic stories, I have plenty of them in a drawer.

Wheatgerm, thank you! Glad you like this page.