Sunday, 4 December 2011

Meka Chan


Anonymous said...

Hayao Miyazaki would be so proud of you! :> Did you ever wanted to work for some good japanese studio? Because, you know... Your work is magnificent and modern anime heavily lacks such charm it has. I hope there will be Meka-chan anime one day. Or a very big manga tome! Please, don`t be so mysterious, tell us more about her! :)


Roberto Zaghi said...

looks fantastic!

Quentin Lebegue said...

Beautiful as always !

vitalik shu said...

Ciao Claudio and Bravo Claudio !!!! amazing colors an compositions -so tasty!! so gorgeous!!!!

Sachin Kondhalkar said...

too good!

Totoche Tannenen said...

Quoi ? Quand ? Où ? En quelle langue ? En France ?
Vite !!!

Claudio Acciari said...

Dear ZM, thank you! I used to work in the animation industry for years around Europe and in US but to keep my creativity alive I had to keep a bit of distance from that environment to sharp my teaste according to my true feelings. I always admire Japanese animation, since I was a child, I'm still in love with those product maybe because I never worked in Japan ^_^, in somehow I want to see japanese animation like something untouchable, like in a dream.
I also believe the quality request in Japan is too hight for my standards even if I have to admit I prefear the stuff they use to do back in the 70's.There were more human emotions and less narcissism, I suppose this is because of some economic dynamics, since intratteinment became a religion.
I always get inspired by the work of Miyazaki (even if I prefear Isao Takahata's work)because it's evergreen, I'm trying to put some of the things that I use to see in his work in my illustration, like a kind of tribute, that's all I can do, I think it's already something which make me satisfied with what I draw.

Thank you Rob, I'm still searching for a good distance between realism and a more stylized color approach

Quentin, thank you as always!

Dear Vitalik, thanks! I must say that I'm studyng a lot recently.
Youtube turned out been very, very useful.

Sachin, thank you! Your work is really stunning! I look up to you.

Totoche, if you are interested in this project...stay tuned ^_^