Thursday, 24 May 2012

Meka Chan


Emmanuel Briand said...

Claudio this is with my whole devotion if I write to you my testify of admiration for your work , it's been a while that I oftenly take a look to your drawings ,and everytime they give me goosebumps .I love them !
Sincerly.Bravo ,

PS:sorry for my "petit français"english ...

Briand Emmanuel "tokyobanana"
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Emmanuel Briand said...

take a look if youre not too busy ,it would be a pleasure to heard news from you

Roberto Zaghi said...

fenomenale Meka-Chan by Acciari-San.

Ian MacDonald said...

oh my god man you're crazy. I'm loving all the Meka Chan pages! Any idea when I'll be able to buy this thang?

Sauro Quaglia said...

Non credo capiti solo a me, ma ci sono libri, immagini, opere di cui scopro di avere "bisogno". Anche solo dopo una piccola anteprima. Meka Chan mi fa questo effetto. Vuoi perché (rielaborato con passione e bravura) ci vedo tutto quello che mi ha influenzato da piccolo, vuoi perché è figo e basta :). E non so nemmeno la storia!!
Ah! Mi fa pure rosicare ;-)

damw said...

Beautiful work. You are enormously talented and blessed and I hope you are well rewarded for your creations. You deserve it.

Torin . juegos gratis said...

Art Really

Claudio Acciari said...

Emmanuel, thank you for your super-kind words.I'm enchanted by your work because I can see in it so many tasty choices, recently I didn't post that much, I hope I'll be able in future.
PS my English is worse than yours
for sure

Caro Rob, le hanno staccato i circuiti ma Claudio san e' anche elettricista

Ian, thank you! It's hard to answer to your question, by the way...thanks for the encouragement.

Ciao Sauro, mi riempiono di gioia i tuoi commenti.Ho deciso che voglio disegnare solo quello che vorrei vedere, se solo fossi ricco...lavorerei con la confortevole sensazione d'aver le spalle coperte, pero' se fossi piu' ricco...non vivrei certe situazioni che (se messe giu' bene) in un fumetto fanno la differenza secondo me. O forse e' solo un modo per convincersi dato che non ho alternative ^_^

Thank you Donna, you are really kind. If I'm well rewarded? could be better I guess ahah, but since I opened this blog all the comments I received gave me a lot of energies to carry on.

Torin, thank you!