Saturday 28 February 2015

Cowboys (1997)

This is a selection of some cowboys I did long ago (1997), they are quite special to me.
I'll tell you an anecdote. At the beginning of the production of  "The Road to Eldorado" I hung them on the wall of the bellows of my desk, I was (and still I am) quite proud of these doodles.
I remember how much I struggled (as an animator) on my first scene of Tulio (one of the characters of the movie) before I could get ready to show it to one of the directors, Will Finn , for approval.
Now... the old  DreamWorks animation department in some parts of it was set as an open-space, my desk was placed close to the "approvals area".
"That" day I was wasting time bothering colleagues, when I got back at my desk Tom Owens told me: " hey Claudio, just a few minutes ago Will Finn saw your cowboys and he liked them very much", I thought...WOW.... to be valued by the guy who animated Iago in Aladdin sounded surreal to me, with that news Tom made my day, thanks Tom.
One year later when I left the Studio I gave the originals to Will, it's a great, great pleasure  hearing news from him time to time.
Thinking about that era I've the feeling I could put in my production work just a tiny part of what I could really do (for several reasons) but sure I feel lucky for have been able to  interact with such incredibly talented artists.

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Viva Cavandoli

Here my homage for " Viva Cavandoli " a splendid initiative promoted by M.U.S.I.L of Rodengo Saiano, Brescia (Italy). I'm looking forward to seeing my work at the exibition that will take place on April 10.

L'Almanacco del Giorno Dopo

Tuesday 3 February 2015