Friday, 29 May 2009

Como e i suoi gemelli

I'm really glad for have been part with Piero Tonin of the short animated movie "Como e i suoi Gemelli" based on a story written by the students of the middle school "Guglielmo Marconi" of Como, SY 2007-08.
It has been really interesting to experiment myself as a background artist.I feel I learned a lot.
To see the movie just go here


joysuke said...

Oh waow excellent thx for share ^.^

flaviano said...

grandi colori!


great design and great work!

Anonymous said...

siete forte! bravo claudiolone!
belissimi disegni!

lorelay bove said...

beautiful work!

alberto mielgo said...

It's great!

The first shot is beautifull, with the dogs, the night sound... I wish somebody give you money to do a Feature film. MECA CHAN would be amazing in animation. ( I'm sure you know )

Claudio Acciari said...

Ciao joysuke, THANKS ^_^ we took ages to finish it but I enjoy along all the working process, and honestly I never struggle doing it.

Grazie Flaviano, c'ho lavorato su con sereno piacere.Ne avro' un bel ricordo.

Ciao Antonio, THANK YOU! Glad you like it, hope we could do some other of those shorts.

Ciao Yaprak, GRAZIE!Come stai?Lavori tanto?

Ciao Lorelay, THANK YOU! Hope to see your sketching book soon from your european trip.

Ciao Alberto GRAZIE! Super glad you liked it! The idea of the dogs in the beginning is from Piero. It fits it very very much, reminds me that taste from late 70's.I wish I could have money to do several short rather than a feature and making different visual experiments, with animation approach too. About Meka-Chan... I really wish to have time to make some animations for it too, I'm doing something but just during my spare time.
Your contribute for the video of Beatles is over the top, when I saw it the first time I recognized your style immediately, after all who else is able to draw/paint that way?