Tuesday, 12 May 2009



SHOo said...

Those are so fantastic!

Unknown said...

Nice story moment. The Atmosphere is so simply built, but you know I dig your work ;) Keep them coming. Ciao Cesare

RAWLS said...

Beautiful! I love the last positing too with the tank! Great colours!

Roberto Zaghi said...

W Meka-chan! Bellissima questa.
E l'idea dello Sherman è super!

Unknown said...

Voglio il toy di Meka-Chan !!!!
Bravo Claudio

chromasketch said...

these little sketches are great, what are you doing these in?

monkeyfeather said...

GORGEOUS group of new posts!

Claudio Acciari said...

Ciao Shoo, THANK YOU! Old anime I suppose are still in some part of my brain, fortunately some memories are still there.

Ciao Cesare, GRAZIE! And thanks for mentioning me in your blog, these are great and pleasuring surprises all the time.

THANKS Rawls! There was an episode of "The boy of the future Conan" in which he hided in a tanks cemetery, I think in my brain there was that immage when I did the drawing.

Rob, arigato! Caspita adesso che dici Sherman mi fai venire in mente nomi di mezzi da guerra che conoscevo da bambino come il Panzer Kanfuaghen ahahah o l'aereo Meshesmith. Vendevano i modellini di plastica da montare. Per gli aerei invece dovevi usare la colla...la "hu-hu" se ti ricordi. E poi i soldatini "Atlantis".

Ciao Thomas, il toy!?!?!? Beh in effetti si presta per diventare un giocattolo! Magari ne produco una anche gonfiabile

Ciao Brian, THANK YOU! I'm going to put a short video on youtube with a song I wrote for it, you will let me know if you like it.

Ciao Monkey, THANK YOU! I notice it's easier for me to do several drawing around one subject, in a way I need to get in to a particular world that stands of its own