Wednesday, 20 May 2009



Anonymous said...

I love it
I love all those Meka-Chan revival 70s TV anime serie illustrations.
I 'm still big fan of Marco and Heidi or Conan stories of my youth.

Hope you could tell me one day what do you use to give that particular burned-yellow blured effect to lines and colors.

monkeyfeather said...

I seriously love this series of images you've done.

Anonymous said...

More and more this makes me wanna watch Future Boy Conan again... I guess I might have to with this revival here!


Awesome work, of course!

jesusalonsoiglesias said...

Looks great, as always.
It's for animation, comic or just personal work?

chromasketch said...

love the colours in this one.

Claudio Acciari said...

Manuel, ciao, come stai? GRAZIE!
You say it...BURN. I use on a separate level of photoshop a color quite light and worm (not always) on a modality "burn" with low percentage , but it helps also to put everything a bit out of focus.It works very well with flat colors.

Monkey, THANKS! More are coming ^_^

Regis, THANK YOU and THANK YOU for your last oekaki, LOVELY! I'll reply with another oekaki ^_^

Jesus THANK YOU! It's just for fun but...I notice I put more effort for something that has nothing to do with commissions.