Monday, 18 June 2007


This is the design of one of the characters of a story that I'm developping.It's going to be a fairy tale a bit uncommon,a bit heretic.


Anonymous said...

what can we said? BELLISSIIIIMA

jesusalonsoiglesias said...

nice name. gorgeous girl.
great as always.

flaviano said...

wow mche dinamismo! mi ricorda Renzie la strega.

Nicolas Dehghani said...

aaaah! lovely sketches!

Jörn said...

Great style too!

LFW said...

It looks awsome Mr. Claudio.

You shall have to show us some of this story when it is done, if you can.

she is super dynamic!

your fan


Claudio Acciari said...

Pouch,I'm developping this project that takes place in the middle-age.The design of the houses you drew inspired me a lot.Merci

Jesus,grazie.I descover I have to draw more and more before I can say I get the character.Now I'm ready to start the comic but I have to fix some other details of other characters(that I'm going to showw soon)

Flaviano,grazie 1000.Hanno ridato Rensie di recente in tv.Io ai tempi non la vedevo ma ora mi capita di rivalutare un sacco quello che girava in tv nei primi anni 80 un casino.E poi la sigla dei Cavalieri del Re....che dire.Bellissima!Mica le pirlate di adesso.Ciao.Nicolas,nice to meet you ^–^ MERCI.

Jorn,as you see I need tho change style often.Ciao

LFW,grazie!Yes I'll post a lot of material.And I hope to finish some final pages soon,but I'm still working on the final style.Ciao
your big fan

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I can't believe what you wrote, I m crying of joyce, thanx a lot!! I want to see your house now!!hehe.

Paco Desiato said...

la dinamicità dei tuoi personaggi non smetterà mai di estasiarmi ;)

Claudio Acciari said...

Paco,ciao,grazie,avendo fatto animazione e' piuttosto conseguenziale

Anonymous said...

sara un fumetto?