Monday, 26 April 2010



chromasketch said...

haha neat!



Darrell said...

Cool! I want this on a T-shirt.

ZM said...

Hi Claudio! Your art is truly one of a kind, the more i watch it the more i get addicted :). Nobody else makes such simple lines so flowing. I wish I could see that animated short about racing because i really admire the way you drew the racers. They are kinda different from your usual style, less anime-influenced and more influenced by old illustration or something...Correct me if i am wrong. :) I like your old anime inspirations as well. I discovered a whole new world after reading your posts about retro japanese animation. I always liked it, but now i am even more confident in my tastes.

vitalik shu said...

fantastic!!! as always )))))

Claudio Acciari said...

Brian, THANK YOU! I'm in a full immersion with colors right now, I'll post many many things.Ciao

Ciao Antonio, GRAZIE!More stuff is coming ;)

Ciao Darrell, ahah THANK YOU!I get inspired by some cartoons from 60's, these were gems

ZM,thank you so much for your kind words, I love to heard analysis like yours. I often get inspired by artist of the past because I grew up watching what they did.I still can not replace the taste that I build up during my childhood and japanese products took a large space during that period of time for me (and for my generation in general I guess).I love the old anime until middle 80's, early 90's, than the marketing influenced too much new productions even in Japan. Even if I really find interesting some new japanese anime, I keep been in love with images full of poetry and less narcissism.Old stuff was cool, it didn't pretend to be.

Ciao Vitalik, THANK YOU! You're relly kind!