Sunday, 3 October 2010



chromasketch said...

nice one!

Anonymous said...

ciao claudiolone! ma quand'avremo un art book tuo??
bacioni dalla yaprak

rad sechrist said...

Thanks for the comment, I'm a huge fan and your stuff is truly amazing!

vitalik shu said...

Your blog is the main source of inspiration for me! Спасибо!!!

Jessica Leung said...

Man, I love the quick textures!!

lorelay bove said...

I love this!

Tom Scholes said...

oooooooo edges, beautiful variety of edgessssss.

Claudio Acciari said...

Ciao Brian, THANK YOU!

Yaprakuzza, ciao, come stai? Si', mi sa che un artbook prima o poi lo faro', ultimamente ho molte idee che devono prendere volto.

Ciao Rad, your appreciation is a huge encouragement itself, thank you!

Vitalik, wow, what a comment, I'm embarrassed. I often look up to your drawings to get a clue how to fix my composition ^_^

Ciao Yu, THANK YOU! Pixel art is fascinating isn't it?

Ciao Lorelay, thanks, how do you do? When your next post?

Ciao Tom, THANKS, glad you like it, I love to make experiments on a oekaki board