Sunday, 4 August 2013

Women / Studies


J Scribbles said...

Awesome as always!
The girl raising her arms my favourite.

Unknown said...

Really expressive and dynamic. Great!!

Roberto Zaghi said...

fenomenali questi studi, freschezza pura!

Claudio Acciari said...

Ciao Johannes, thanks, that subject is my favourite too ahah, sometimes I need to get lost in loose stuff like these sketches

Juanma, thanks, this is my western artistic side, sometimes I need to explore the manga universe, sometimes I need to be "back" in europeans or americans stereotipes

Ciao Rob, grazie mille! Sei gia' chino sul tuo tavolo da lavoro?
Dai che adesso arriva il fresco e non si attaccano i fogli sotto le braccia.