Friday, 13 April 2007

oil paintings (old stuff)


clifford urban said...

what should i say?
it's oooookay?

Sedyas said...

O_O In-cre-di-ble.

LFW said...

Even though it is old, it still holds up today.

wicked work sir

cheers to you


Grant said...

Wow! Lovely paintings! Wow! I had no idea you could do this as well.

Anonymous said...

you catch the spirit of some old 19th century masters

A. Riabovitchev said...

Your old stuff looks fantastic!:o)

alberto mielgo said...

Tu técnica es increíble.
Cada una de tus imágenes es preciosa.
admiración y respeto, no puedo decir otra cosa.

Jakob Jensen said...

Ciao Claudio!!!
I look at the ship painting you gave me every day. With the little danish flag on it. Bellisimo!
That's right everyone! I own an original Acciari!
Hope you're doing well.




joder que bonitos! al verlos te puedes trasladar a la epoca,estan preciosos

Unknown said...

WOW!! Amazing paintings!

Anonymous said...


Claudio Acciari said...


Sedyas,thanks but this is a subject I often do.If I should paint a human figure I would be lost.

LWF,it's long time I don't paint traditionaly.This computer is quite dangerous.I should start to use brushes again

Grant,thanks a lot,I start to miss traditional painting.But after long time I don't use oil I could have bad surprises,eh eh.

Yaxin,that was my prefear period of time in terms of art.So many amazing masters were born all over the world.I wish I could had live in that time,also for some many other reasons

Claudio Acciari said...

Andrei,thanks,but I should change subject as you do.

Alberto,grazie tante,ma quello delle marine e' un soggetto facile.Dovrei provare anche le human figures come fai tu.Ma sono piu' difficili.Ci provero'.Ciao

JAKOB,^_^.I cannot find the colour copy I did of the painting you have.I should make a better research.How is it going over there?I hope you enjoy apathy as much as I do,ah ah.Joking.Ciao

javier,grazie,quella passata e' un'epoca che adoro.E' maravillosa.Ciao

Alina,never like your stuff.Ciao

Pouch junior...^_^