Thursday, 10 May 2007

Jester Till

Character design I did for the feature movie "Jester Till".Stuff that I did in 1999 (+ or -)


Anonymous said...


J said...

Always amazing Claudio,
Thanks for sharing it.

Pepe Sanchez said...

Heyyyy I did some animation on that movie. Great drawings!! Your work is just amazing!!!



LFW said...

They are beautiful Mr Claudio. I love their different shapes.

your fan


Claudio Acciari said...

Yaxin,grazie but it's too old stuff.I don't have new drawings to know.Ciao

James,thanks a lot.But I better put into this blog something that I did recently.Ciao

Pepe,nice to meet you.I did three scenes as well,but I never seen the final movie.I saw your animation,they are lovely as much as your entire blog.I should animate again.Ciao

LFW,ˆ–^.I know.Recently I use different proportion,more regular.Maybe because I'm too influenced by Miyazaki stile eh eh.Ciao