Saturday, 5 January 2008


I save this NPG in a JPG file. Actually the original is an oekaki I did in Ronnie del Carmen's blog. I'm satisfied with that.


Nash Chovek said...

It's a beuty, Claudio! I just bought a book 100years of fasion illustration, your line reminds of the line of great Rene Gruau!

Ronnie said...

And a fine drawing it is at that. Visit the original post at my OK-BBs:

Leave a drawing while you're at it, folks. Claudio does. Nuthin' but just doodlin' fun.

Sorry to be commandeering the comments here with my advert. But if you want to leave a comment, write me email so I can give you a simple password for it. Spammers, see.

Okay, back to the drawing. Wholeheartedly agree. Gruau it is. Only with more verve. And curves.


Ronnie said...

Uh-oh. That url is too long. Sorry for messing up the comments, Claudio.

Oh, well.


Claudio Acciari said...

Ciao Nash, I didn't know Rene Gruau, I'm embarrassed to be compare with him. Thanks. I often take a look of fashion design from 60's and 70's. I found them more inspiring than so many "new" stuff.

Ronnie, if I just think once we were in the same studio, we could share so many artistic things! Coincidences.Ciao.

Claudio Acciari said...

"...we could HAVE share so many things!". My English get worse and worse.

Anonymous said...

Stunning Claudio! Some day I will understand how you can walk so easily in that thin line between the abstraction and the figurative.

Dani said...

Ah!!! Questo disegno è bellissimo!
Mi dà voglia di ballare.

Claudio Acciari said...

Dear Carlos, I'm not that good in abstraction and even worse in figurative that's why the only chance I have is to combine the two things, it's a meter to get alive.Ciao and thanks a lot for your comments, they are precious for me.

Dani, thanks more than a lot. Once I use to go to dance very often.But I never be particularly good in that.Ghhh