Tuesday, 8 January 2008



Paul Tuller said...

Nice warm colors on the face! Beautiful :)


Hi Claudio!
This post looks very nice.The colour choices are fantastic.
See you!

Kristian said...

these are wonderful..

Grant said...

You blow me away all the time! I'm going to pick up the sky doll book very soon!

Claudio Acciari said...

Paul, thank you very much.Well I copied a picture, it was an exercise more than something else.Ciao

Ciao Antonio, GRAZIE!!! It's an oekaki I did in Ronnie del Carmen site. He has a oekaki board. Real fun.See you

Ciao Kristian, THANK YOU!!! Every time I step in your blog I repeat to myself I should make more sketches.I started a couple of days ago.I gave a ride to my mom and waiting for her I brought my sketch book.I copied a lot of trees.Now I know more about trees.Ciao

Dear Grant, how are you? THANK YOU but I'm still searching for "my stile".I just started with comics.Honestly I couldn't follow any "model" anymore.I write in your blog wait for me.Ciao