Monday, 7 January 2008

Ronnie's oekaki tablet

This post is all for Ronnie Del Carmen. I guess he doesn't need any presentation , I'm sure he sounds more than familiar to all of you, so I jump to the point. Since 2004 circa I discovered these oekaki boards after getting lost in internet, especially visiting some japanese sites of different illustrators. Soon I discovered that Ronnie had a site that included a blog and also a section,Oekaki BBS/Paperbiscuit, in which it's possible to draw using this fabulous tool, the oekaki board. If you feel to leave a piece of your art the right place to enjoy is here


monkeyfeather said...

Your latest group of oekakis is amazing and the below post of Aurora is GORGEOUS. Such fluidity and WONDERFUL posing to those drawings. FANTASTIC work.

Happy New Year!!!

Unknown said...

Le done son vache buone, tu disegna belo. Amigo.

Unknown said...

scusa, tuA(a) disegna belo. belisimo in veritta. Io no italiene parla bunno. Pero tu queglie bravvisimo.

Claudio Acciari said...

THANK YOU Monkeyfeather, you are really kind! I'm searching for simplicity as much as I can, and this oekaki style looks perfect for that kind of research.Happy new year to you too!

Andrea: una fascia, una, com'era quel detto? Tira di piu' un, vabbe'.Ciao e grazie amigoS.